Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Clothing writing

I have a sunshine owner. I get put on a face everyday until one day I got put in the bin with lots and lots of clothes. Old socks that smell of cheese, poo!  I have a  muddy T-shirt on my face then the door opens and I see my old owner. She put her great big hand in the bin and I try to get on top of everyone. I get the first touch out of everyone I am out of the bin yay what a good owner I have, I get put on her face. What a great day I have had and then she is putting me in some paper, she is driving me away.  I says “what is happening now, is she has giving me away?” In the paper I am get bruises Burst and buried. Yes she is giving me away!!This owner used to  keep me safe and is kind,  but no,  I think this new  owner will be a bit better.  My owner is still got me in her hands,  I am up in the air, I get hit on the face because and I am getting open. She is amazing,  I get put on her face straight away. I just know that this owner is going to be a good one! One day we went out to the shops and we got a case for me,  the colour was the colour I wanted, it was black. I love this owner

By Margo
I am sunglasses if you didn't know.

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