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Science blog

Science blog week 9/10


What is working well is that we are all participate. We all have all of our stuff we need to bring 
What is a struggle a struggle for me is that when miss McCabe had to take me for reading what improved do you need to make my improved I need to make is the table because it is uneven also the bin because I think it needs it be a bit shorter what is my next steps: my next steps is getting it done. 

Science blog writing week 8 
What is force makes things moves a push) or pull) say if I push a toy car it would move your push is a force. When the toy car rolls across the floor and stops a force stopped it. Forces also makes things speed up or slow down. Say if I kicked a soccer ball what would be my force) my force would be push I am going to say in my own words what push is) push is something that you are pushing away. Or  you could be opening a door you force would be push) I am going to talk about pull) Say if we had a rope and we had it in our hands and we were pulling it that is one of the forces that is push also we had gravity that is a forces so is motion also friction).

I am going today what is force – 
Force is gravity also Motion.
Force is something that will move. Like I said about the toy car. Gravity is something that pushes you down. Motion is a kind of movement. Last one is data what is data. Data is what I found out. What I have found out about all of this is) what is force. What is motion and I learnt a lot I've done this how to do this.

What we did: balloon rocket 
Who I did it with: Ella.F

Today we did Science we did rocket balloon our string length was 3.m then we Change it to 2.66.m  our string angle was 180. Then we change it too 90°. Also we had a balloon size was 27x19cm then we changed it to 32x10cm our straw length was 25cm the whole time our tension was firm then it was tight then it was loose, then it was loose, then it was loose again. Our times were good they were 6.24 seconds that is our first one then our second one was 3.95 seconds then 4.18 seconds then 2.31 seconds then 2.61 seconds.

•What you need to make it
1 or 2 Balloons 
You can have as much string as you want 

Science blog week 7 

~What we did: pulley 
~Who I did it with: Aishani Brooklyn Ella.m

Today we are doing our science blog. We did pulleys. We had to bring our own stuff. Ella had to bring a box and a toilet roll. Aishani had to bring a toilet roll too and 4 cup’s. I had to bring string but Brooklyn had no idea what we were doing so we let her join in. Our focus was push. This is what we made, we had a little man in the box so it would look like he was pushing it. To hold the string we had to go out to get a little stick and poke it through the box. Then we would get some scissors and poke a hole through that. There would be a hole and we could put the string on the stick. Then we made up a game to play. First you pull the string up to the box and then put the stuff that was in the cup which was paper. Then you would try to get it all out and the first one who got it out would win. 

Science blog week 6

•What we did) rocket balloon 
•Who) Ella.F and me) Margo

Today we are doing rocket balloons. My string length was 3.m then we change it to 2.66. Then our string angle was 180 then we change it to 90. Our balloon size was 27x19cm then we change it to 32x10cm. Straw length was 15cm all the time. Tension was Firm then tight then lose . Times 6.24 seconds 3.95s, 4.18s, 2.31s, 2.61s times.

What I found out 
I found out that if you have the string 180° it will go faster and also if the balloon is too big it will go slower.

What I wonder 
I wonder if the string is as tight if would go that fast.

What have I done
I have done rocket balloon.  

Science blog week 5

What I have done: 

I got to choose between 3 activities this week. They were basketball ping pong and chair pulleys. I chose chair pulley. I chose to do chair pulley because I could discover how to do it. It looked fun when Ella.M and Aishani were doing it where I made my chair pulley I made it by the room 13 shelves. Who did I work with. I worked with Aishani Ella.M we used scissors and holders the book holders and 2 chairs and some string. 

What I found out 

On our first test run/experience the chair pulley didn't 
work. Because we were pulling the wrong way. The next time we tried to do it we put some scissors in it. It worked. I think it worked because it was heavy. Also had to change it a few times. We change it by putting the chair closer together 

What I wonder 
If you had bigger chairs?
I wonder what my golf course would look like? 

Science blogs writing - week 4

What I have done: tug of war
Making a balloon rocket 

What did I find out: I found out about in tug of war. That boy vs girl the boys would win because there are more boys than girls. Then year 5 girls vs year 6 girls year 5 girls would win but I do not know why? The force that is involved in tug of war is pulling and pushing. 

And with the catapult I learnt that you do not have lot’s of sticks on it because it will not fire. 
With the balloon I learnt that you do not tie the balloon up  because it will not go.

What I wonder: I wonder if year 6 vs year 5 boy who will win?

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