Monday, 30 October 2017

Art Reflection

Sculpture Reflection
Date/ 15.8.17 

Who I worked with/Ella.M 
What we did/Dog 

What did you make/A dalmation dog we made a Dalmatian dog because we could not think of anything else so we were running out of time too at that point 

What is found object art/Found object art is something that has been upcycled for a no other purpose. Downcycled is when you recycle ♻️ something. 

What was your inspiration on your picture/that I do not have a dog so I said to Ella.M can we make a paper mâché dog because my mum and dad would not let me Have one. 

What went well/ something that went well for me was that Ella.M let me do a bit more stuff then her. 

What would you change/do differently next time/something I would do next time would be not putting on the bow because I just think I doesn't look right. Something I would do differently would be not putting the black spot because people think it is a soccer ball. 

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