Tuesday, 24 October 2017


My speech 
Lost in the bushes 

Well you would think by 70 that you would be a responsible citizen -not my Grandparents.
My brother, sister and I went to stay with them in Wanaka for a few days last Christmas holidays.

These two aren't your usual grey haired, slow moving, cardigan wearing oldies, no, they belong to the Wanaka walking group - yippee!!

They walk every Monday so who were we 3 to get in the way!  This particular Monday we were to walk around west Wanaka which I must say is very pretty.

We took off on a cracking pace - not really!  There is about 20 over 70’s on any Monday.
The 3 of us were out ahead,  after about 10 minutes we realised there was no one behind us.   We were lost!! Luckily I had on my bright orange t-shirt. We decided to stop and stay where we were.  Did you know that is what you do when you get lost?  - You don't keep walking you stay where you are.  

We realised after standing there for awhile that earlier on the track it had split in 2, the oldies must have taken the other way.  We decided to stay where we were. Well after waiting there for quite sometime Grandad came around the corner and saved the day!!

He said he could see me in the distance through the big brown bushy trees, the orange T shirt!!

We met back up with the group, kept walking, Nana kept a close eye on us after that.  We stopped for lunch on a hill looking out at the lake and then walked back.

What a great day out!!  Do you know what happened at the end?  Grandad went to drive home and Greta said “are we leaving because Charlie is not in the car!! We were already half way down the track so we came back. Lucky he was there. My grandparents are still not responsible citizens but at least they haven't lost us again. 

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