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My money shot 
 On week 9 we had to take a money shot of what captures the heart of Waimairi School. I chose creatively for my money shot. Because I think that's the heart of Waimairi School because most people like art. This is called a cloak this is something like what a leader would wear in Kapa Haka. 

How can a moment in time capture the heart of Waimairi School. 

We were told to go outside and take some photos so I went out with Ella.M,Ella.F,Ruby and Emma. We went out to the playground and took some with the field in the background. We put the field in the background because we love the field but sadly the field has been out of bounds for a long time which is a shame then we took another one which had some kids in it which I think is quite cool because I mean if we did not have kids Waimairi would not be a school. 

My speech 
Lost in the bushes 

Well you would think by 70 that you would be a responsible citizen -not my Grandparents 
My Brother, sister and I went to stay with them in Wanaka for a few days last Christmas holidays.

These two aren't your usual grey haired, slow moving, cardigan wearing oldies, no, they belong to the Wanaka walking group - yippee!!

They walk every Monday so who were we 3 to get in the way!  This particular Monday we were to walk around west Wanaka which I must say is very pretty.

We took off on a cracking pace - not really!  There is about 20 over 70’s on any Monday.
The 3 of us were out ahead,  after about 10 minutes we realised there was no one behind us.   We were lost!! Luckily I had on my bright orange t-shirt. We decided to stop and stay where we were.  Did you know that is what you do when you get lost?  - You don't keep walking you stay where you are.  

We realised after standing there for awhile that earlier on the track it had split in 2, the oldies must have taken the other way.  We decided to stay where we were. Well after waiting there for quite sometime Grandad came around the corner and saved the day!!

He said he could see me in the distance through the big brown bushy trees, the orange T shirt!!

We met back up with the group, kept walking, Nana kept a close eye on us after that.  We stopped for lunch on a hill looking out at the lake and then walked back.

What a great day out!!  Do you know what happened at the end?  Grandad went to drive home and Greta said “are we leaving because Charlie is not in the car!! We were already half way down the track so we came back. Lucky he was there. My grandparents are still not responsible citizens but at least they haven't lost us again. 

My sculpture Plan

This is what we are making 

Who I am working: Ella.M 
Where I am working: art table 

Get the balloon and blow it up
Rip up the newspaper 
Get the glue we will have made it all ready 
Put the glue onto the balloon 
And stick the paper on with it 
Then leave it to dry 
We will put more newspapers over it 
Wait till it is just dry 
Then paint it 
And make the ears 
Then pop the balloon 
What we are bringing 



Pva glue 

My key competency is 
Working together 

Fly on the wall 

I am going to fly on the wall today in Pounamu with Aishani and Ella.M. If you do not known what fly on the wall I am going to tell you. Fly on the wall is where you go to a class and you look at what they have been doing and take some photos like I have done and I am going to show you at the end. Now we had a great time but everyone kept asking us “What are you doing here?” We just said something. They always sit up straight. They do not talk on the mat either.



On a nice sunny day we were out on the field with Danielle. We were doing drama we were the noisiest group we were told by Danielle if we keep on talking than we will do this in front of a class.This meant that I had to do it to even though I was not talking. Oh well we had to be a ballerina then a robot this was embarrassing finally we were done!! Danielle said that if we kept on talking we would do it to Mr Anderson. I thought no you are joking!! We were in the class now. We had to pretend there we a bank robbery you could do it in slow motion or back wards or fast motion. I did slow motion. I was the bank robber Sharnika was the reporter and then Trinity was the person who was trying to catch me but that did not work out so well. 

Sculpture Reflection
Date/ 15.8.17 

Who I worked with/Ella.M 
What we did/Dog 

What did you make/A Dalmatian dog we made a Dalmatian dog because we wanted to make a friend for Ella.M’s dog. 

What is found object art/Found object art is something that has been upcycled for a no other purpose. Downcycled is when you recycle ♻️ something. 

What was your inspiration on your picture/that I do not have a dog so I said to Ella.M can we make a paper mâché dog because my mum and dad would not let me. 

What went well/ something that went well for me was that Ella.M let me do a bit more stuff then her. 

What would you change/do differently next time/something I would do next time would be not putting on the bow because I just think it doesn't look right. Something I would do differently would be not putting the black spots on it.      

   Calendar art  

This is my calendar art 

My calendar art involved hockey swimming and gymnastics. I did all of these because I love to do stuff that involve outside I did hockey because hockey is my favourite sport also everyone gets a turn to have the ball. I also did gymnastics because I was inspired by Eliza McCartney she is one of the best gymnasts. Now swimming I have always just loved swimming it is a great sport. 


Here we are in room 13 with Mrs McCabe. Bang! Crash! Big loud Milo containers getting whacked. We had to make music with whatever you could find in room 13. We got into groups. I was grouped up with  Oliver,Romae and Thomas. Romae was banging cups on the ground,Oliver was banging Milo containers with his hands,Thomas,was banging has feet. Then the sound that I made was a light little tap. The sound that it sounded like was a car that had just crashed. 

       Art’s blog 
Week 1 
I saw my class rushing to get there I was wondering if everyone was going to go on the big silver slide at the Margaret Mahy playground. If you haven't you should go. I love ❤️ the big blue slide because you need to climb up really high and it is really high. What about the toilets?  It is all automatic when I went in there I could not find the soap. It is right up the top of the sink when you wash your hands the toilet flushes all  by itself and gives you a big fright, of course that is automatic too. Then I could not find the unlock button I rewound my head to think how to lock the door but I could not think then the person said the door is going to unlock now so I was pleased about that. 

The force that is involved with all the playground equipment. 

When you go down the slide you are using push because at the top you push off. 

When you are using the swings you are using push and pull because you push your legs up and pull your legs down. 

When you are using the little pulley that you pull up sand. You are using pull. Because you pull it up. 

When you are using the little dinosaur things to get up the big silver slide you are using pull. Because you are pulling yourself up.

When you are using the flying fox you are using push and pull because when you push off and you pull it up to the next person. 

When you are using the trampoline you are using push because you are pushing yourself up in the air. 

By Margo

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